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ComputerGOD 1.00

 ComputerGOD silently records all keystrokes, websites visited, email received, passwords, instant messages, details of applications and windows opened, and snapshots of the screen taken periodically. In addition, this application can control most functions of a remote computer. It can restart, shutdown, and logoff a computer, send chat messages, control the remote computerís desktop and mouse, transfer files, and make the remote computer talk any words. ComputerGOD is also remote installation capable and is designed to allow a user to monitor and control multiple computers.

These powerful features make ComputerGOD the most powerful remote surveillance and control program on the market.


Parents:  The Internet can be a dangerous place for children.  Behind the benefits lurk the dangers that plague websites, chat rooms, and emails... predators who target our children and expose them to unacceptable materials and inappropriate friendships. Monitor children's computer use and intervene when inappropriate conversations and web surfing are taking place.

Spouses:  The benefits of the Internet are truly amazing and beneficial, however, the Internet has also created a haven for Internet infidelity and destructive behavior resulting in the break down of family and intimate relationships. Many spouses and couples have turned to strangers in chat rooms and Internet pornography for companionship and turned away from their family and friends. In many cases, these online relationships lead to real-life encounters and sexual infidelity.  With ComputerGOD, a person has the ability to intervene at their own discretion.

Employers:  The majority of employees with at-work access are using the Internet for personal reasons. Are you protecting your business?  With ComputerGOD, you can know how productive your employees are.  Also, you can help them out with remote administration capabilities.

Other:  For anyone that needs to easily and remotely monitor and control computer activities, ComputerGOD is the solution.


Remote Computer Monitoring Features

Keystrokes: ComputerGOD records the keystrokes pressed on a host computer. In addition, the application logs the caption of the window typed on, the size of the keystroke report, the Windows user name, and the event time.

Websites: ComputerGOD records the URLs of the websites visited. The browser window title is also displayed.

Chat: Both sides of chat conversations from MSN, Yahoo, AOL, and ICQ messenger clients are secretly recorded.

Email:  Email recorded includes Yahoo webmail, Hotmail webmail, Outlook, Eudora, and Outlook Express.

Passwords: Most passwords from web based forms and popular applications will be extracted.  (ie.  Yahoo Email Login)

Windows: The system tracks the windows opened by the host and records them.

Keywords: Logs of reports that contain particular words or phrases determined by you can be displayed for easy management.

Applications: Applications and system details on the host computer are displayed.

Snapshots: Snapshots captured on the host computer are recorded..

Remote Computer Control Features

On and Off Control:  ComputerGOD can remotely log-off, shutdown, and restart one or multiple computers.

Voice Message:  With the Microsoft Text to Speech engine, a user can type a message and make a remote computer talk the words out loud.  A user can also make multiple computers talk simultaneously.

Conversation:  Establish a text based chat conversation with the remote computer.

Remote Desktop:  ComputerGOD can view the desktop and control the mouse of a remote computer in real time.

File Transfer:  Files can be transferred to and from a remote computer.  Other features include deleting files, renaming files, creating directories, and renaming directories.  This is similar to an FTP connection.

Uninstall:  A user has the ability to remotely uninstall the ComputerGOD application on any computer.

Installation and Security Features

Installation on a Single Computer:  If you want ComputerGOD to monitor the activities of a single computer and view reports on that computer, this is possible.

Installation on a Local Network:  If you have a network of home or office computers, ComputerGOD is optimized for this setup.

Installation over the Internet:  It is possible to install ComputerGOD for use over the Internet.  Remote installation of the software can also be accomplished.

Security:  ComputerGOD has been built with security being one of the top priorities.  Recorded information is encrypted and connections are secure.

Other Powerful Features

Search Capabilities:  A user can search one or multiple reports of computer activities for a particular word or phrase.

Keyword Notification:  A user can enter a list of words or phrases and when a report of computer activities contains it, the user will be shown the report.

Configuration Capabilities:  Choose when and what will be monitored.  Configure system details and change password access.

Scheduling:  Configure when recording will take place.  Choose particular days as well as hours.

Easy Host Management:  View and access a list of computers that are currently in your ComputerGOD network.


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License Information:  A purchase gives you a license to monitor and control up to three computers.