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Auto Eraser Pro
Spy software box If you ever surfed onto an controversial site, on purpose or on accident, those records are stored on your computer.  Deleting your internet history and temporary internet files will not erase the evidence. If you want to fully protect your computer privacy, you need Auto Eraser Pro.

Do not take the risk of being fired or losing your friends and family.  Any person who has access to your computer can easily discover your surfing activities.  If you want to be 100% confident your computer tracks are erased, install this software.

We have compiled the features of the best evidence erasing software out there and packaged it into one powerful application.

Be able to use Auto Eraser Pro to make sure no one knows what you do on your computer.

Auto Eraser 1.00 Features

Windows Evidence Erasing Features

  • Erase swap files.
  • Erase Windows temporary files.
  • Erase all contents of clipboard memory.
  • Erase registry stream MRU.
  • Erase all MRU streams.
  • Erase Windows application logs.
  • Erase Media Player history list.
  • Erase all files and folders from My Documents.
  • Erase Common Dialog history (last visited locations).
  • Erase Common Dialog history (open/save memory).
  • Erase files in recycle bin.
  • Enable hotkey for recycle bin.

Start Menu Evidence Erasing Features

  • Erase recent document list.
  • Disable document list.
  • Erase recent document list at shutdown.
  • Erase "Run" history.
  • Disable "Run" from Start Menu.
  • Erase Start Menu order history.
  • Erase Start Menu click history.
  • Erase "Find Computer" history.
  • Erase "Find Files" history.


Internet Explorer Evidence Erasing Features

  • Erase URL List from the Internet Explorer address.
  • Erase Index . Dat files.
  • Erase visited URL history files.
  • Erase favorite URLs.
  • Erase temporary Internet files.
  • Prevent from changing the home page.
  • Erase auto complete form and password.
  • Erase Internet Explorer cookies.
  • Customize cookie deletion.
  • Erase downloaded components.
  • Customize downloaded component deletion.
  • Disable Internet Options.

Netscape Evidence Erasing Features

  • Customize Profile Path.
  • Erase URL list from the address bar.
  • Erase visited URL history.
  • Erase temporary Internet files.
  • Erase Netscape Navigator cookies.


Other Evidence Erasing Features
  • Outlook Express Mail erasing features.
  • Netscape Navigator Mail erasing features.
  • Automatically run Auto Eraser Pro at set intervals.
  • Control how Auto Eraser Pro is ran.
  • Customize all features.
  • Ability to run Auto Eraser Pro in stealth.
  • Scan drive and perform actions on certain files.
  • Scramble and randomize certain files.
  • Scan free space and erase hidden data.
  • Disable "Change Password" button.
  • Disable "Properties" when you right click on your Desktop.
  • Disable "Find Files and Folders".
  • Disable "Lock Computer" Button.
  • Disable right click on taskbar.
  • Disable "Shut Down" button.
  • Disable Task Manager.
  • Help program included for Auto Eraser Pro.
  • Very easy to install, customize, and use.